A Way of Giving Back

A printed and published article was written about Love Sweatshop telling the story of how the group began and how the mission was born. The group was first noticed when a post circulated on Facebook.

Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. Webinar

Article by Manila Mail Jon Melegrito entitled Sentro Rizal Washington DC Webinar promoting hope and tradition through face mask designs featuring known Philippine Designers and Love Sweatshop

Sharing Love is our Business

The Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce of Metro-Washington DC headed by Cristina Sison received boxes of face masks from Love Sweatshop. They fully support the group through their Bayanihan Project. Sison-Salonga Family also donated funds for the materials and helped in distributing masks.

Partnering with Philippine-American Nurses

Sewing face masks created new bridges. Love Sweatshop partnered with the Philippine Nurses Association in Metropolitan DC. Christine Pabico, an active officer of the organization received masks that PNAMDC will be distributing to their recipients.

Face Mask Distribution to the Homeless in the streets of Washington DC

Washington DC had an estimated 6,521 number of homeless people. How sad that the number kept growing and growing through the years. There are only a handful of people who are willing to help and encourage them and assure them that they still matter in this world. Cross Wilderness Mission led by Pastor Unchu Na is one of the few who truly reflects God’s love in their mission to serve the poor.

It’s been years since I had the chance to witness how they serve the homeless people in DC. They are still stationed at Franklin Park where they became a piece of heaven to the homeless people. We can help them with our masks. We are also encouraging you to donate to their food fund and other needs.

The Hands that Build

Behind the enormous infrastructures and towers we see around us are hardworking laborers. Sometimes we are much focused on the beauty of the building or the width of the roads but we often neglect to appreciate the hands that build them.

Today, we honor and appreciate those people who work hard to pave our streets, who made infrastructural progress and make our lives convenient. Construction laborers in the Philippines are mostly 'hand-to-mouth' workers. Oftentimes, they work for big companies with no benefits. They are prone to all kinds of risk in the working fields with those dangerous slopes and machineries. Most of all they try to make ends meet for their families. Let's show them a little love. - Love Sweatshop Philippines

Philippine Immigration Wears Love Sweatshop Face Mask on Duty at Airport

We have ways to show our gratitude to people who are risking their lives in the frontlines. Frontline workers are not limited to the health workers and we saw the need to honor and salute the Immigration Officers at the Philippine Airport who works 24-hours nonstop to protect the borders. They are also at risk to encounter not only terrorists but also various disease carriers. They also fear for their families and yet they have a duty to carry on despite the pandemic we are facing. A little toke of love and appreciation by giving away our Love Sweatshop face masks will go a long way.

School Teachers Mask Up

Thank you NEDC for partnering with Love Sweatshop Philippines and teachers of Hilario Hermosa Memorial High School for this opportunity to serve.

Friends are a gift from above. It makes the load easier when you have supportive people around line Maria and Alpha. They helped in making sure that the face masks that we're giving away were in good shape and packaged well. It became a healthy activity during the quarantine season. In the photo: Maria Reyes (left) and Alpha Opulencia (right)

Salute to Hardworking Moms

This is Maria. I noticed she wasn't wearing any mask. I immediately knew it was an opportunity to show our love by giving her the face mask we just made. She was on her bike today selling Longganisa and Tocino. She said, she bikes around the town until she sells all her products. Like any other loving moms, she braved the scorching summer heat just to make ends meet and to ensure that she has something to bring back to her family. I realized she may not be wearing a mask because she is trying to save money to feed her children and so she risked it. Every centavo counts to a starving family. Perhaps thats one of the reasons why Love Sweatshop was born.

We salute moms like Maria. As a mother myself, I knew the hardship we have to endure in order to raise a family. It's definitely not easy when you are less privileged and it's even much harder during this pandemic. Thank GOD we could help in our own little way. There's always an opportunity to show you care. - Love Sweatshop Philippines

IBM Cares Global Newsletter Spotlighted Love Sweatshop

Two of our member contributors are IBM-ers. Meaning they work at IBM (International Business Machines), the giant technology company with over 300,000 employees around the world. IBM featured our group few weeks ago in their global communication as a good example to follow during this times. Most of those who knew Zbynek and Raiza Krobot sent beautiful messages and wishes our group the best.