What is Love Sweatshop?

Love starts from the Family

In the midst of the horrifying death toll and fear lurking around the world that COVID-19 created, this Filipino-American family decided to do their part that made an impact to the community.

Making a Difference in the Philippines

The group that started in the United States has now grown bigger and it keeps getting stronger overcoming barriers despite the crisis.

Our Story

Sad and worried about the news of death and hospitals that cannot accommodate more patients because of this new virus that are killing millions of people, this Filipino-American family from Virginia decided to step up and do something to help those who are closest to them. Without any experience in sewing, they courageously went to line up at a fabric store to get the materials and sewing machine they would need. With the help of YouTube tutorials they were able to sew a few pieces on day one. And now, the sewing group that started with a small family has now grown bigger and have donated thousands and thousands of mask not only in their community but also in different states. Their friends have also joined in and started sewing face masks while others do the cutting, packaging and distributing.

Another group from the Philippines was inspired to continue the legacy in the country that gave birth to Love Sweatshop Philippines. To date, they have reached out to even the most rural areas and have joined hands with other organizations to increase health awareness.

Together, they are stronger and making waves with their act of love and kindness and many people who have witnessed this have shown support to Love Sweatshop.

Free Masks for Delivery People

This picture speaks a thousand words! One of our delivery guys sent this email today with a subject title “Thank you for your love”. The message says “My wife and daughter appreciate keeping Daddy safe.” He received one of the Love Sweatshop packs we put outside of our door. It includes one face mask and a devotional booklet.

Isn’t God amazing? He puts conviction in our hearts to prompt us to act. The devil meant things for bad but God can turn it into good!

Our front-liners are facing risks everyday. Each one has a spouse, son/daughter, parents, partners/families to go back home to. Their protection is ours too!

We encourage everyone to do something really nice today and share the love you are receiving with others. This is is a great time to demonstrate how thankful we are for our life itself.

Posted on Facebook by Joyce P.

Protecting the Land

The military is known to protect the nation and its people. Even though we know that it is their sworn duty, we must also look after their safety and protection. They also have families to think about and friends they care about and yet, they are to serve the welfare of the country, even if they are worrying for their own.

Love Sweatshop,Philippines chanced upon these brave soldiers and we thought of sharing with them some of our lovingly-made face masks.

They were surprised by the gesture and never thought they would get free face masks on a beautiful warm day. We pray it delighted their hearts and release them from their stressful duties amidst this Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us continue to spread kindness and do random appreciation to people around us, it is an important piece we need to keep to make the world a better place to live in.

Posted on Facebook by Jemma S.

"Wearing double masks at work, thank you Love Sweatshop" - Chery Z. (Frontliner)

"Thank you po! From Laur to Caimito Elementary School Palayan City.God Bless po" - Eve B. (Elementary Teacher)

"Thank you for our masks Love Sweatshop" - Cecille W. (Nurse)

"Mula sa Casa Real Elem. School, maraming maraming salamat po Love Sweatshop Philippines." - Arlene A.

"Sana all no more for College students of Brgy. San Juan, Laur, Nueva Ecija. Thank you Dra. Jemma Puno Samano for 58 pcs. of facemasks, we highly appreciate your help. God bless you po" - Joselle S.

Mask and Vitamin Pack

"There were people who wants to share their products and blessings such as these multi-vitamins that we packaged together with masks. We are thankful for those whose hearts were touched and put their love into action. This is an awesome partnership!" - John S.

Show Love at the Senior Center

"Three more thankful recipients of the my homemade masks courtesy of the Love Sweatshop from members of the Prince William Senior Center! Yay!" - Nancy W.